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Salad with beetroot, chicory, goat cheese, roasted sunflower, pumpkin seeds and blueberries

Colourful vegetarian cooking

Small and large groups

I cook and bake for both small and large groups, variable from 10 to 50 people. It’s never the same, which makes it exciting. Different people with different needs. As a child I was always by my mother in the kitchen, food was one of the highlights of the day and still is. I cook alone or with Terence, my English partner. His mother grew up in India and taught him to make delicious curries and desserts, and he has passed this knowledge on to me.

Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine

The dishes are mainly vegetarian or fish and we are inspired and influenced by the Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Our cuisine is both rustic and refined but, most importantly, balanced. The flavours, fragrance and appearance, are there to stimulate all the senses. We also enjoy creating delicious desserts but we are now experimenting with using less or no sugar, for us a healthy diet is extremely important. We cook and bake vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free recipes. All the produce is either organic or locally sourced

Indian vegetable curry, egg curry with tomato, coconut and mushrooms, turmeric rice with almonds, dahl with coriander and riatha

Balanced and tantalising

Eat what you like, listen to what is good for you and eat in moderation. This is our philosophy, but for others this can make cooking a challenge. Everyone is different and how do you cook something that will delight everyone? Use good, fresh ingredients, taste, taste, and taste again until you tantalise the taste buds. Inspiration comes from everywhere: Soups such as French potage, pasta with the scent of Italy, Ayurvedic cooking for well-being and spirituality from Indian or Thai curries, Sushi, with the beauty and simplicity of Japan and desserts as only the English can. If all these worlds collide, it becomes an extremely colourful mix and there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Vegetarian and seafood Sushi with avocado, seaweed, marinated pumpkin and sesame seeds

Whitton House

Culinary Culture

Eleven years ago Terence and I changed direction. We had worked our whole lives in theatre but we had always loved cooking for our friends and family. We kept hearing the same thing: “You should develop something with food.” Finally, that is what we decided to do. We left Amsterdam and settled in Wittelte (Drenthe). Here we created “Whitton House”, a cultural centre and English tea house, combining theatre, music, workshops and private parties with delicious home-cooked, organic vegetarian food, all enjoyed in our beautifully converted barn.
Over the last few years the demand for what we can offer as cooks has grown, and we are now catering for more and more groups. At the same time we have been developing unique vegetarian recipes for larger concerns.The effect has been that most of the cultural activities we have organised over the last eight years have dwindled, though we still offer Whitton House Cottage as a delightful B&B

  • Thank you so much for your hospitality. Everything was delicious and we felt completely pampered (Tai Chi workshop)
  • The High Tea was delightful. To satisfy 60 people requires great organizational skills and in that you were very successful. (Private party)
  • Great care, great food, meeting every dietary need we requested. (Gestalt workshop)
  • Two special people and true gourmets. (Wedding for 65 guests)
  • All we need to say is: you can cook … wow! (B&B)
  • The dinner which you prepared for us was truly memorable. (B&B)
  • Very welcoming; the food is highly recommended … restaurant quality! (B&B)

High Tea buffet

Catering for Meeuwenveen

We always enjoy cooking in Centrum Meeuwenveen, a beautiful Spiritual Centre in Havelte, where regular courses and training are conducted. It is a very special place with fine professional kitchens and the groups are varied and often inspiring. We are more than happy to discuss what is possible within the given budget. As an indication by retreats €35pp per day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea and homemade cakes.

Victoria spongecake, made with spelt flour and a mokka cake with grain koffie and pecan nuts - Quiches with cheddar and a marmalade of red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes and red onion


Prices are on request, depending on the maximum budget, amount of people and culinary requirements.
We also offer an advisory service to restaurants and various companies for exciting vegan and vegetarian menus as well as our own recipes.

Recipes developed for Wok To Go

Cooking and baking is my passion

If “Music be the food of love” as Shakespeare suggests, then for me “Food is the music of life.” It brings people together, keeps them moving and makes them happy. For years I worked as a dancer in music/theatre productions. Cooking for me is an extension of this. It is like music or a dance where various elements combine to create a harmonious, tantalising whole. I like to make people happy with food and feel that I can make an important contribution to all kinds of special events.

Summer Pudding